Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ - Music and Producer



"If you invite me to your house do not worry about the menu (I like all), however, even though it makes him ugly to no music, put a very short volume, because otherwise my brain will be playing without consult ".


I am a teacher of percussion and drums in the world-renowned "Casa Patas" and led my own sextet: Miguel Reyes Sextet, where we combine world music and jazz with flamenco.


I am currently writing my third book / DVD, while also promoted the second: "Cajon Flamenco from Zero / Flamenco Tools for Beginners", these have so far been a very personal challenge that opens both my own publishing CajonPRO and (which is in charge of my musical and educational productions - Flamenco Tools). With this I made a first free publication for Internet users "rudiments for Cajon Treaty / Treaty of Cajon Rudiments".


Some consider me a pioneer in the development of language transcript of flamenco dance (llamadas, cierres and remates) to rhythmic music theory "Manual for Cajon Flamenco / Flamenco Tools I" (edited by Chords Concert), I just think I needed better understanding flamenco and so I did get to Cajon fans

With my company, in our actions we have earned the public, the enormous creativity behind our work is amazing. Do not miss our on direct! (To view the videos, click here)


Miguel Reyes Jiménez