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My interest in flamenco has made me develop a deep understanding of this cultural expression. Although it’s a constantly evolving art form, only from the knowledge of its roots can you get to its heart.

Although there are some who learn by ear, the study of stylistic structures (called "palos" in Spanish) differ in aspects such as the rhythms, verses, and melodies.

As a percussionist I'm used to memorizing percussion strokes, phrases and breaks. Based on this framework, I developed my own teaching methodology from scratch using audiovisual support. Beginners focus on creating the flamenco rhythms (‘compas’ in Spanish) while intermediate and advanced students focus on creating the bridge to spark passion.

I have been developing my teaching side in Spain for the past 13 years, including my role as a teacher at Casa Patas starting three years ago. My career, private lessons, and "MasterClass" classes for companies have also developed during this time.

Flamenco Tools has been designed for the general public to decipher flamenco rhythms using modern staff/rhythmic notation.


CajonPRO arose from the need for me to self-produce my shows and teaching methods. It also serves as support for the creation of high-quality contents to be distributed in different types of media, such as websites and social networks.


It’s also a space where cajon, drum and percussionist teachers, professionals, and amateurs will have high quality teaching material at their disposition to resolve any doubts, always focusing on the musical language and ‘imitation’.


A meeting place for flamenco music as well as latin, funk, fusion, and jazz as well as my Musical Production side.