De Cobre is a Romani flamenco fusion project where dance and music come together in a symbiosis full of contrasts. Maria Keck, born in Serbia and of Hungarian origin, composes the songs, dance, and musical arrangements of the group that give life to this show including a nod to Hungarian and Roma folklore of Eastern Europe.


"Between two fires represents the duality of my Hungarian-Balkan culture and my borrowed heritage—flamenco. I am looking for connections between my real roots and a world that absorbed me with its wonders at first sight. This show symbolizes these two threads that are in my musical and personal path, which eventually become one.


María Keck





María Keck voice, dance

Miguel Reyes Jiménez Percussion

Victor Guadiana Violin

+ Guest Artists / as

Original Idea, Music Production, Lyrics and Direction: Maria Keck

Music and arrangements: members of ‘De Cobre’


Company: De Cobre

Genre: Romani Flamenco Fusion

Format: 4 People


Audience: Suitable for all ages