Jazz was not born as music for intellectuals, even though it has become that. Jazz is much more than that—it’s alive, and it’s partly improvised, just like flamenco. Encomienda Street is the point of balance between music and dance. It is the search and the meeting place for everyone.

After playing jazz for years in Mexico, I came to Spain where I started to play flamenco and was baffled by a simple, straightforward observation: "Music is for dancing." Being Latin, how could I have forgotten that?


Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ.

For us, flamenco is like a gambling card—a constant bet on the winning horse, which is, without a doubt, the art. It’s just like a card that entices you to play when you see it, to participate, and have a good time.


Sonia Cortés Voice

Mary Keck Dance and Voice

Emilse Barlatay Flute

David Duran Guitar, Falsetas

Albert Anguela Bass and Electric Bass

Miguel Reyes, director: Cajon, percussion, and arrangement


Company: Miguel Reyes Sextet

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Flamenco Jazz & World Music

Format: 6 People

Audience: Suitable for all ages 

Authors of lyrics: Various

Music and Arrangements: The Miguel Reyes Sextet group