From both sides of the Atlantic, native music comes together from different countries. Ranchulería bears the unmistakable stamp of art from different ethnicities. It is the union of races where rhythms, pulses and vocal cadences are combined from different cradles. It is a flamenco tribute to great Mexican composers, and as such, I have decided to call a Mexican ranchera song a ‘Ranchulería’ when it is played in the rhythm of bulerías.

Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ


A concert where the central theme in ‘La Ranchulería’ is three bulerías that define the title of the show: "Te lo pido por favor" Juan Gabriel, "Pa'todo el año" and "De un mundo raro" by José Alfredo Jiménez, authors of which I am a great admirer. Songs such as "La Llorona, La Martiniana, Cucurrucucú Paloma and Perdón," complete this wonderful show and are an appetizer to tempt the audience to play with other flamenco styles.   


Sonia Cortés Voice

María Keck Dance and Voice

Emilse Barlatay Flute

David Duran Guitar, Falsetas

Albert Anguela Bass and Electric Bass

Miguel Reyes, director: Cajon, percussion, arrangement

Authors of lyrics: Various

Music and arrangements: members of Miguel Reyes Sextet & Quartet 


Title: Ranchulería (Music and Flamenco Dance)

Company: Miguel Reyes Sextet & Quartet

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Flamenco & World Music

Format: 6 People

Audience: Suitable for all ages



Original Idea: Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ

Executive production: CajonPRO by Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ

Musical Production: Ivan Raymores and Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ

General Direction: Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ

Manager: Mareike Nissen

Marketing: Lilian Vogel

Stage Manager: Angel Vargas

Photographer: Miguel Fernández

Songwriters: José Alfredo Jiménez, Andrés Henestrosa, Juan Gabriel, Pedro Flores, Tomás Méndez.

Music: Miguel Reyes Quartet & Sextet

Musical Arrangements: Sonia Cortés, Ernesto Bravo and Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ