Sold into slavery by her own mother during the conquest of the Aztec Empire, Malinche, an indigenous princess and Hernan Cortés’ lover and belonging, will have to readjust to her new life. In Cortés’ Malinche, we find people that are searching for a common goal: survival. Ultimately, Malinche is a woman who gradually mixes with her enemy’s culture to carry on and find a way to make history despite an uncertain future. What would you have done in her place?


Description/ Scenario

Malinche de Cortés is a contemporary flamenco play, which mixes music, dance and theater. The music is an adaptation of Mexican songs adapted to the most traditional flamenco styles. Additionally, lyrics have been specially written for this play such as ‘Nana a Traición’ (flamenco lullaby of betrayal) and ‘Una Alegría para Malinche’ (A Hope for Malinche - Alegrias from Cordoba). Each character’s dances bring the audience closer to what could have been the most incomprehensible romance of all time.

The voice-over narrations bring the audience closer to the complex history of the beginning of the conquest of the Aztec Empire through a specially prepared mini-documentary that won’t leave anyone indifferent.


The voice-over narrations and documentary track can be translated into the country’s language where it will be shown.


Characters: Malinche, Hernán Cortés, Malinche’s mother, Ahuehuete and Narrator

Miguel Reyes, director: Lyrics, narration, cajon, percussion

Guest artists and collaborators: Company (intrumentalists, dancers, and soloists)




Theatre, Music and Dance

Company: Miguel Reyes JIMÉNEZ

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Contemporary flamenco work

Format: 9 People (3 soloists and 6 musicians)


Audience: Suitable for all ages