"Arriquitraún" is a very creative and courageous character; however, he thinks that he has lost his rhythm and that's why his guitar does not work. But, his good friends "Palma and Thomas" are going to insist on showing him that his rhythm has been with him since he was born and it will never abandon him. His vital rhythm is in charge of making him move faster or slower each day ...



Rumbaclown is a children's musical entertainment show. It is the history of flamenco told through the flamenco rumba form, with rumba songs for children as well as other rumbas created by the group. Rumbaclown uses the basic rhythm of flamenco for children as a way to clap through rhythmic exercises and coordination, all with a good sense of humor and a very friendly atmosphere.


F. Art

Ángel Vargas as "Arriquitraún" (contra-auguste clown; Flamenco guitar and vocals)

Sara Nieto / Miguel Reyes as "Palma" (white clown, hand-clapping and percussion)

Company: Miguel Reyes Jiménez and Ángel Vargas

Duration: 60 min

Genre: Flamenco Animation / Interactive Teaching

Format: 2 People

Audience: Family Friendly